Warranty Policy


Xavia Product Warranty:

Important Details:

  • Warranties are non-transferable and apply solely to the original owner.
  • Improper use or inadequate maintenance of the product are not covered.
  • The warranty addresses malfunctions resulting from production defects or faulty materials ONLY.

Suits, Jackets, and Gloves: All Xavia suits, jackets, and gloves are backed by a 24-month warranty on materials and craftsmanship, precluding any damage from crashes. This warranty encompasses the integrity of stitching, external shell material, inner liner, and zippers (excluding damage caused by improper hanging). Within 24 months of the delivery date, any failure of these components will be covered by Xavia. If the failure is due to normal use, Xavia will cover repair costs. In instances of workmanship-related failures, Xavia will cover repair expenses. Shipping to a Xavia Authorised Alterations Partner (AAP) is the customer's responsibility.

Accessories: Xavia accessories are protected by a 6-month warranty on materials and workmanship, devoid of crash-related damages. This includes the integrity of stitching, Velcro, zippers, etc. Failures within 6 months of delivery will be covered by Xavia. For failures due to normal use, repair or replacement costs will be covered. In cases of workmanship-related issues, repair or replacement expenses will also be covered. Shipping charges are the customer's responsibility.

Warranty Claim Process: To avail of this warranty:

  1. Email info@xaviaracing.it detailing the issue with the product.
  2. Respond to Xavia's queries to ascertain any misunderstandings or incorrect product usage, preventing unnecessary expenses.
  3. Complete the "warranty form" sent by Xavia if required.
  4. Pack the claimed defective product in its original package with all accessories and documentation.
  5. Ship the parcel to Xavia via the designated forwarding agent.

For any inquiries or further assistance regarding warranty claims, please contact our customer support.